Whole Food Supplements with Integrity

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Real nutrients come from real foods.

There is a joke going around within the medical profession about patients who take vitamin supplements. Since many of the supplements purchased by the general public are of poor quality, they end up being eliminated from the body through the normal channels. This rapid flush of synthetic nutrients is what leads some medical providers to assert that the only result of taking supplements is that it gives the patient “expensive urine”.

At the core, I have to agree with this statement, but not for the reason implied in the joke. With the sorry state of the American diet, it is absolutely necessary that people take proper supplementation. The key word is “proper.” The purpose of taking a nutritional supplement is to “supplement” your already good diet to make it complete. The artificial supplements that most people have purchased at the drugstore or at the big box retailer cannot accomplish this. The human body is designed to eat food; therefore all nutrition must come from food, including supplements necessary for a complete diet. Only the supplements made from concentrates of organic whole food truly “supplement” the diet.

Organic Whole Food Supplements

Yes, organic, whole food supplements will be more expensive. Synthetic vitamins produced in a laboratory can be made very cheaply, whereas growing organic whole food and concentrating it into a real food supplement is an expensive process. However, to the body, the difference is dramatic. One product must be eliminated as quickly as possible, while the other is absorbed to give the cells what they need to thrive and reproduce.

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Are Your Vitamin Supplements Harming You?

A 2008 New York University study reported that in 2004, the pharmaceutical industry spend over 57 billion US dollars promoting their products.  For those who are regular viewers of network television, this will not come as a surprise.  Experts in charge of marketing drug-related products seem to have found an audience on the network-television nightly news programs.  A disproportionate number of ads that appear during this programming originate with pharmaceutical companies, or “Big Pharma.”

In between the commercials for drugs to lower cholesterol, raise testosterone, treat your migraine, and reduce your heartburn, you may have also noticed the ads for synthetic vitamin supplements.  There are several to choose from including multiple vitamins, calcium supplements, and even co-enzyme products such as Co-Q10.  All of these synthetic supplements have two things in common:  First, they demonstrate an effort by the pharmaceutical industry to grab a share of the growing nutritional supplement market.  Second, M-Field Energy Signature Matching Tests indicate that the body universally rejects the energy signature of synthetic supplements.

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Finding Your Personal Energy Field (M-Field)

MFTThe Morphogenic Field, or M-Field, is the field of energy that radiates in all directions from the human body.  It is a classic torus energy pattern, and is the cumulative energy of each cell, tissue, organ, and organ system in the human body.  While words such as Morphogenic and torus may be new to many people, everybody has an M-Field, including the reader of this blog.

Morphogenic Field Technique, or MFT, is based upon the premise that a large and balanced M-Field is the greatest indicator of a person’s total health.  The size and symmetry of the M-Field is determined by multiple factors which are mainly environmental.  The formation and behavior of cells depends heavily upon what nutrients are available to them. Therefore, we assert that diet is most important factor in creating a large and balanced M-Field.

One cannot accurately address the issue of diet without acknowledging the poor quality of the food supply in America.  Over the past 150 years, large commercial food processors and big agribusiness have corrupted our food. Done in the name of convenience, this degradation has been unrelenting and seems to be accelerating. We believe that empowering people to choose the right food by acknowledging its effect on the Morphogenic Field may create a tipping point for this trend. As consumers demand better food, we can push back against this trend and replace “food products” with actual food.  If everyone was able to quantify the size and symmetry of their own personal energy field (M-Field), we could meet this goal.

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What is the Morphogenic Field Technique?

The term Morphogenic Field Technique describes a series of procedures performed in a professional health care setting with the goal of the communicating with the body, via its energy field, or Morphogenic Field. Also called the M-Field, this energy resonance informs the practitioner and patient about the nutritional needs of the body at the cellular level.  The entire procedure takes approximately 3 to 5 minutes to perform by a skilled practitioner.

As described in the book, Bugs in My Brain, Poison on My Plate, the Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT) Procedure was developed to address the nutritional challenges created by the degrading food supply in America.  In my 36 years of clinical practice, I have observed a compromised healing ability in many of my patients, and the problem seemed to be getting worse over time.  Fortunately, these issues were often resolved using customized dietary changes combined with organic whole food-sourced supplements.

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The Morphogenic Field

The science of Quantum physics has long recognized that everything in the universe has a unique energy signature, a resonance that emanates from objects as small as an atom to as large as a planet.  In turn, every human has his or her own unique energy signature, which we call the Morphogenic Field, or M-Field.

This same field is recognized in many cultures and called by different names, such as aura, chakras, or chi. In the chiropractic profession, we have referred to this field as the life-force of the body, known as the body’s Innate Intelligence. Although each energy signature is unique, the pattern it manifests is universal. This configuration, described by science through a mathematical formula, is known as the torus pattern, and in the relative shape of a pumpkin around its source. It is indented at the top and bottom as it radiates around the central core of the energy.  In a human torus pattern, the core would be our physical body, with an energy that extends around us in every direction for five to seven feet.

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